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content poll Content Poll #4
Posted on 01-01-18, 02:48 am by Arisa

It's time for Content Poll #4! The questions will be posted below in advance of voting beginning. All questions are Yes or No answers, and you will be free to skip any of them that you're not sure about. Voting will begin ingame on January 3. As usual, for a question to pass, at least 75% of voters must have said Yes.

Please note that votes are always audited and that voting with alts is not allowed.

First off, there's some questions about increasing stack sizes! We propose increasing the stack sizes of ores from mining significantly, because currently it doesn't make much sense to mine when you can use metallurgy to get much more compact ores (and gems!). Also, in the last content poll, it was voted that alchemy crystal stack sizes should be doubled. This poll will decide if they get doubled yet again.

Should the stack sizes of wheat and barley be increased to 10?

Should the stack sizes of all ores (not ore fragments) be increased to 50? This would make them slightly more space efficient than ore fragments.

Should the stack size of mana preservation stones be increased to 25?

Should the stack sizes of all alchemy crystals be doubled for a second time?

Followed by some questions about cosmetic changes to spirit weapons:

Should it be possible to dye spirit weapons?

The glowing effect of an equipped spirit weapon changes color based on its social level. Should the rate at which this color changes be increased?

Historically the Refining skill has been notorious for being difficult to rank because of the failures required. We have the ability to make failures less important to rank the skill:

Should failures be made much less critical for ranking the Refining skill?

Previous content polls only made Composing ranks accessible one at a time. Why don't we just do all the rest and get it over with?

Currently, the Composing skill is capped at rank 5. Should the remaining skill books needed to reach rank 1 become available? They would be found as drops or rewards rather than bought from shops.

It is a minor change, but it may be convenient for characters starting in places other than Tir Chonaill to have access to skill resets without needing to travel to Duncan. We propose allowing Alexina, Castanea and King Krug to perform skill resets as well as Duncan. Additionally, if you have a character at total level 100 then the game considers you to be a seasoned player - but since on MabiPro many starter skills start at rank E, this can be problematic for assistant characters created after reaching total level 100 with your human. We propose checking if the character itself is at least total level 100, rather than if the account has any character that is at least total level 100.

Currently, Duncan is the only NPC that can reset the skills of a player who has not yet reached total level 100. Should Alexina, Castanea and Krug also provide this service?

Should it be possible to reset the skills of a character whose total level is less than 100 even if there is another character on the same account that has reached a total level of 100?

It has been suggested that ancient medals from the elf/giant trans quests become possible to trade:

Should it be possible to trade Ancient Medals with other players?

For some reason, new players start with the Blaze skill at rank E. None of us can remember why that is, but Blaze at rank E has a higher skill CP than any other starter skill does at rank 1. We propose making it possible to remove Blaze from your character. You would be able to ask Shyla to remove Blaze for free.

Should it be possible to voluntarily unlearn the Blaze skill if it has not been ranked past rank E? Players can reacquire Blaze by completing the questline for obtaining the skill. If this questline is completed, Blaze cannot be removed. The amount of AP required to rank Blaze from F to E will be refunded if rank E Blaze is removed from a character. Blaze will no longer appear as a starter skill for new players.

This next question is pretty self explanatory, but we may impose a small minimum donation amount to receive the title. Contributions to Patoots' editor fund will count.

Should players who have donated to the server receive a special title? The title will be purely cosmetic and can be worn in addition to another title.

Next are some various buffs to combat skills that were requested by players. The changes to Taunt and Sand Burst would fix a problem where it becomes impossible to train the skill after reaching a certain CP.

Should the distance from which Hailstorm can reach enemies be increased?

Should the time it takes to set up a tower cylinder be reduced from 5 to 3 seconds?

Should the Taunt skill affect enemies that have higher CP?

Should the Sand Burst skill be able to blind enemies that have higher CP?

Some proposals to make items available in shops:

Should trade unlock potions be added to Shyla's shop?

Should it be possible to buy alchemy crystals from shops in locations other than Tailteann or Tara?

And finally, some cosmetic changes:

Should metallurgy spots be given name tags so that they are easier to see during the day?

Should NPC "residents" appear in Dunbarton, like those in Tara, Tailteann, or Cor Village?

Should Nao's face no longer appear on the red moon Eweca?

Should it be possible to dye gold pouches and item bags?

Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments of this post! Voting will begin ingame on January 3, and continue for at least a week.

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info Regarding event rewards
Posted on 01-01-18, 01:53 am by MabiPro Team

The Jasper's "12 Days of Christmas" event has concluded earlier this week, though we understand many players were upset with how its rewards were distributed.

The premise of the event was that the player collects 12 pieces of a Christmas carol and trades them in to give everyone on the server a gift. The abundance of carol pieces and the gifts that were distributed as a result were much higher than we had anticipated; over 35,000 gifts were distributed during the course of the event.

We received several suggestions on what to do about this. However, our developers had very limited time available to make changes to the event, and only a few changes were able to be made. These changes were controversial and, in hindsight, not ideal; though they were the best that we were able to do given the time and resources that we had available to us. We anticipate that, in the very near future, our developers will have more time to prepare events (and that we will have more new developers working on them!) so that they are better received than this one.

It seems that despite these setbacks, the server still managed to have a great Christmas celebration on the 25th, with everyone socializing and opening gifts together. What a huge crowd that was in Dunbarton! Positive moments like these strongly drive us to continue operating MabiPro, and we promise to do our best for all of you in 2018!

-GMs Arisa, Drahan, Flipend0, Jade

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cold time Cold Time Winter Dyes
Posted on 12-21-17, 07:48 am by Flipend0

Brr...It's freezing cold outside...It wouldn't make sense if we called this a h-hot time now would it...

Happy Holidays from the MabiPro Team. You can't go into winter fashion without participating in this cold time.
Check this out! If you're in game during these times listed below, you'll be rewarded a free fixed dye or metal dye. All you have to do is stay logged in. Easy right?

Cold Time Winter Dyes Schedule:

  • Friday, 12/22 3:00PM EST
  • Friday, 12/22 7:00PM EST
  • Saturday, 12/23 3:00PM EST
  • Saturday, 12/23 7:00PM EST
  • Monday, 12/25 10:00AM EST
  • Monday, 12/25 7:00PM EST

Don't miss out!
-MabiPro Staff

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game event Jasper's "12 Days of Christmas" Event (12/15~12/26)
Posted on 12-15-17, 11:02 am by Drahan

Jasper Santa wishes to celebrate Christmas in a spectacular way: Playing a song from a different universe, titled "12 Days of Christmas".
However there was an issue! Jasper went to the library to get the song, but it appears that the monsters roaming around Erinn have stolen the music notes!
Jasper Santa requests help from you Milletians to recover the notes in order to save the Christmas spirit!

Event Details:
*This event will be active from 12/15~12/26
* Jasper can be found at Tir Chonaill.
* When defeating monsters, they will have a small chance to drop a page.
* If you wish, you can exchange single page for a small gift to yourself.
* If you're feeling more generous and collect all 12 pages, you can gift the entire server a gift.
* You must have 10 stacks of the gachapon to be able to open 1.
* You must be a total level of 60 to be able to open the gachapon.
* The gift cannot be opened until 12/25/17.

Special Thanks to "Rydian" for providing the MML Code for the "12 days of Christmas" song.

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game event Winter Ski Race Event (12/8 ~ 12/16)
Posted on 12-08-17, 07:52 am by Flipend0

Winter is arriving, and what better way to start the winter season than to participate in a winter activity? Luckly there's an event going on in Vales that involves just what you're looking for!

The Ski Race event is just by Vales, near Sella Beach. Control your movement with the WASD keys. You can power slide with a space bar as well. Your goal is to reach under 52 seconds without missing any flags.

[Event Details]

  • This event will run from 12/8 to 12/16
  • Head over to the North East of Sella Beach. (or use the Transportation Agent located at Dunbarton (5000 Gold))
  • Once you reach North East of Sella Beach. Hit the prop to start skiing. Use your WASD keys to move around. Use the space bar to do a power slide.
  • Try to pass all of the flags on your way out. If you miss a flag a 3 second penalty is added to your timer.
  • You must reach under 52 seconds to receive a prize.
  • You must open the prize once you have receive it. If you do not open it, you won't be able to receive another one after a successful race.

We hope to see you all participate, see you on the slopes!

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