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News & Announcements

event MabiPro Fishing Event (4/6 ~ 4/14)
Posted on 04-06-18, 08:39 am by Flipend0

Ahoy Milletians, it seems like something is going on with the fishes at Rano Boat. You might wanna check that out - you could find something valuable...

From 4/6/18 to 4/14/18, MabiPro's Fishing Event will be active. Grab a fishing rod and some bait, and start fishing to participate.

Event Details:
  • This event will be active from 4/6/18 to 4/14/18.
  • If you choose, you can speak to the Transportation Agent at Dunbarton to Fast Travel to Rano Boat, with a fee of 5000 Gold.

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event Dragon Boat Racing Event
Posted on 02-25-18, 05:30 am by Drahan

Hello Milletians!

From 2/25 12:00AM EST Until 3/4 12:00 AM EST the Dragon Boat Racing Event will be taking place.

Head on over to La Terra Highlands, grab an oar, and race against the clock to earn fabulous prizes!

Don't forget, hobgoblins will attack you from all angles and try to hop on your boat to spoil your fun. Take them out quickly!

Event Information:
- Event starts at La Terra Highlands Rafting Dock
- Speak to the NPC to receive a dragon boat.
- Up to 8 players can ride on the boat
- Receive a prize for completing the race in under 8 minutes.

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game update Apocrypha 1: Beneath the Jungle Dreaming
Posted on 02-24-18, 05:44 am by Jade

At last, we are prepared to march. At last... the Renegades shall rise.

They say something strange has begun to stir, a storm approaches Cor Village.
Can it be stopped, or might the twisted hands of forgotten gods and unspeakable evils from another land make wreckage of the tribes of Courcle?

- A questline may be acquired upon reaching Exploration Level 11 or higher.
- Dungeons have been added to the Courcle landscape.
- Complete the main questline for access to new Tribal Missions.
- A new yet familiar shaman has arrived in Cor, ready to answer her duty.
- Many new secrets await.

This addition is our largest yet, and as such, may be prone to undiscovered bugs. Balance changes may also need to be made as necessary to ensure the best possible experience. Rest assured we will be doing our best to solve these as they arise.

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hot time Valentine's Hot Time Event 2018!
Posted on 02-13-18, 09:04 am by Arisa

What? Love is in the air and you don't have a gift prepared for your partner? Or are you just still looking for that special someone? Do not worry! We love you players here at MabiPro, and we didn't forget to get you a gift! It's simple, all you have to do is log in during the times below and you'll be able to receive special gifts. Easy, right?

Event Details
Be ingame during the following times:
Wednesday, February 14th, 12:00PM EST
Wednesday, February 14th, 4:00PM EST
Wednesday, February 14th, 9:00PM EST
Thursday, February 15th, 12:00AM EST

Don't miss out! Spreading lots of love and hearts and chocolate.

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game feature Spray System
Posted on 02-07-18, 07:36 am by Flipend0

Flippy here!
I coded something fun, interesting, and unique to MabiPro, and I personally want to see how this turns out.
Using the Decal System via creative methods, I was able to create a Spray system with custom textures.
How it works is simple:
Use the spray item and it will spray a texture on the floor.
The spray system is a work in progress, and if all goes well it may be planned to have future events to enhance this system.

Feature Details:

  • Globally, only 100 Sprays are allowed on the floor.
  • Sprays are globally erased every 36 minutes in real time.
  • Sprays #0 and #1 will temporarily be in Shyla's Shop. Future Patches may remove this for a better future distribution system on sprays.
  • The Spray system is a work in progress, and may change based on new ideas, functionality, and/ or system limitations.

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