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1. Absolutely.
2. I don't play giant nor do I know anyone that is giant that has an opinion on this, so no opinion there.
3. Yes
4. Lets not make food useless. (AKA no)
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Yes
8. Black Manus is one of my favorite NPCs. But honestly, up to you.
9. Anything to prevent life skills and things similar to from being agony. (yes)
10. Yes; sounds interesting.
11. Ditto of what Frobozz said. (no, reduce their prices)
12. It sounds like a hindrance, so yes.
13. Bag for red coins? Why not? (Yes)
14. Yes as long as it's not overkill.
15. Not really a point to it. (No)
16. Probably?
17. Nah.
18. No opinion
19. No opinion
20. Yes. Not everyone wants all those skills.

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