Break the Watermelons Event! (6/23~7/5) (rev. 5 by Drahan on 06-23-17, 11:21 am)
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What better a way to start the summer than eating some fresh delicious watermelons?

Gather around, as a horde of watermelons started to appear on Port Qilla, Connous Beach, and Nekojima!
Watermelons are not easy to break, so you will need a blunt weapon, like a Warhammer or a Mace to break down a watermelon.
Once you've broken it apart, you'll gain an item as a reward!
But be careful, some watermelons are possessed and will summon a monster instead!

This event will run from 6/23/2017 to 7/5/2017.

-MabiPro Staff

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