Tutorial - Custom Patches (rev. 3 by Arisa on 10-05-17, 09:31 pm)
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We would like to introduce bPatcher, a Binary Patcher that allow custom patches created by me to enhance your Mabinogi experience.

In this post, I am going to show you step by step on how to use the program, so if you're interested please follow a long.
You can download the binary patcher here: bPatcher
Last Updated - 7/11/2017 3:56AM EST : Addressing checksum issues

Step 0
Do make sure your are NOT running Mabinogi before doing anything. To be on the safe side, always restart your computer.

Step 1
After you download it, please extract the files to the directory of your MabiPro Client.

Step 2
Before launching the program. Please backup the following DLLs in case of recovery. When you use the program the files will get overwritten:
Pleione.dll Standard.dll Renderer2.dll ESL.dll Skill.dll

Step 3
Run bPatcher1.exe, and click on "Apply patch to an existing file"

Step 4
On the first text box, Locate the UPS file, the UPS files will be located on the "patches" dir that you extracted. These UPS files are named properly for the module file you are going to edit. E.g: if the UPS file says Pleione, the edit will be done on Pleione.dll

On the second text box, Locate the DLL file. the DLL file can be found on your MabiPro directory. Make sure you use the correct DLL for the UPS file.

For this example, We're going to use "Pleione - Enable TrueType Font.ups" for "Pleione.dll"

Step 5
Click on Apply Patch, if successful you should be able to see the patch applied. Launch the game and you should be able to see the difference.

Should you have any questions or troubleshooting, please let us know here or in our support section Here
Thank you.

-MabiPro Staff
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This is some pretty interesting stuff, are you planning to release more patches in the future?
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Nice, this is promising to a more customized mabinogi experience without relying on mods intended for live servers.
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Can't download bPatcher, it takes me to the old address
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Can't download bPatcher, it takes me to the old address

The download link was fixed
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Wont let me download bpatcher, says it cant provide a secure connection
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Wont let me download bpatcher, says it cant provide a secure connection
Oh!! Fixed, again!
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Is the font patch customizable? I mean, I like the fonts as they're way more readable than the stock or Astral bitfont on my 1080p screen. But in some cases the text is bigger than the chatboxes and additionally when typing there are some weird mechanics which makes it difficult for me to type like pressing "tab" or "space" key will make the typing space go behind the current text and so on.
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I believe I've downloaded everything correctly but my client isn't launching - though it's saying that patch files already exist. What do I do now?
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Thank you for this! The extended view distance is amazing, and the text is a little bit easier to read than the default.
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Any chance on adjustments to the camera zoom, in addition to the view distance?
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