Where in the world is Arisa? (rev. 2 by Flipend0 on 07-14-17, 07:45 am)
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Oh no, It looks like our lovely GM Arisa has gone missing! Where can she be? She could be all over Uladh for all we know !
Milletians, we need to find Arisa. Look around in Uladh and if you notice her please approach to her. She might even give you something

Everyone at the MabiPro team is worried about her, if she does not return soon who will be the one to make charts of our datas and monitor the database? Please locate her, I know you can do it !

Event Details:
* Locate (NPC) Arisa anywhere in the Uladh continent. When found talk to her to receive a prize. Arisa will change locations after you've received an item from her.
*If (NPC) Arisa has not been located within 30 minutes, she will change locations.
*This event will run on 7/14 and end in 7/21

-MabiPro Staff-
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ty for your hard work! \=w=/
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Question. Is it in the overworld only or could you be inside houses as well?
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30 minutes to check all of udlah.... yikes.
Unless we do it as a group with a specific area for each, we'll never be sure she's not back to somewhere we already searched.
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Thanks for the update, so basically we need to run all over the world, good way to release some steam from grinding hehe

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