New Shadow Mission : Cleanse the Graveyard (rev. 1 by Drahan on 07-21-17, 08:10 am)
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Attention, all Milletians!
Taillteann has come under attack by the fiendish undead!

Cleanse the Graveyard

Rising from their graves to wreak havoc on the citizens of the town in the midst of the ongoing shadow realm warfare,
these undead take no prisoners and must be stopped immediately.
The Shadow Wizards' dangerous new necromancer allies pose a threat to all of Uladh if they can't be contained...
Andras requests emergency backup right away to push back this new menace.

- This mission is intended for 2-5 players.
- It can be entered alone, but is not recommended as there are high amounts of multi-aggro enemies.
- The Shadow Necromancer can't be defeated until certain conditions are met within the mission.
- Beware the Great Veiled...
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i checked this sm out yesterday, it was pretty sick.

it would be cool if some notable rewards are mentioned instead of going in blind . but is cool nonetheless

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