Iria Zombie Attack Event (9/29~10/8) (rev. 2 by Flipend0 on 10-02-17, 08:59 pm)
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[Defense Camp Image goes here]

One of the members from the Temporary Camp located at Muyu Desert found a flag during exploration. Apparently the zombies didn't like what we held in possession. We don't have much reinforcements for our camp, could you help out and protect our camp in the meantime?

October is coming up, and you know what that means? Lots of scary stuff, and zombies is just the start. Head on over to Rano and meet up with Alexina, she'll provide you the information to defend the camp. If you reach 90 points during the event you'll get a reward, but these points will reset so be quick!

Event Details
  • This event will run from 9/29 to 10/8
  • Upon logging in you'll receive a quest from Alexina. Meet her at Quilla Base Camp.
  • Zombie attack begins at 6PM in game and will end at 6AM.
  • If the players failed to defend the camp or if Eweca rises, you will lose all of your points
  • Reach 90 points to receive a reward. You must talk to Alexina to receive it.
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Can you fix it so golem users also get points? Thanks.
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Can you fix it so golem users also get points? Thanks.
As far as I know, this is not posible. The golem does not inherit your character's information and is effectively independent (it's just influenced by you).
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[Defense Camp Image goes here]

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Please extend the event!!

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