Extra Inventory Tab & Commodity Gachapon (rev. 2 by Drahan on 10-21-17, 08:16 am)
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New Extra Inventory Tab

The extra inventory tab is a new tab that allows you to store extra weapons, bags, clothes, and any other items you want to store!

Picture of Extra Inventory tab
The Extra Inventory tab must be unlocked and renewed every 30 days.
You can find the Extra Inventory Key in Shyla's shop for 100,000 Gold.

Shyla's Shop with Extra Inventory Key

Commodity Gachapon System

When you talk to Shyla about purchasing a Gachapon, you will notice a new button! This button is for the Commodity Gachapon, a new gachapon which is cheaper than the seasonal gachapon but contains less rare items.

Shyla's Gachapon Shop
We hope you enjoy these new features!
Thanks for playing!

-MabiPro Team
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Awesome Guys!! Props to the team!!

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