Zombie Invasion on Uladh (rev. 5 by Drahan on 11-01-17, 12:08 am)
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My name is Jasper. I am the gatekeeper for Peaca Dungeon.
Something terrible has happened while I was guarding the gates, a bunch of zombies managed to break loose and shattered our gates.
I need your help, I can create a pass for you to go inside the dungeon to seal the gates, but I need energy orbs to create the pass. They can be collected by hunting down the zombies that wander around Uladh at nights. Please be careful...

The zombies have broken loose from Peaca Dungeon and they're wandering around Uladh at night.
These zombies are very fierce, so

either hunt them down...
...or stay in town.

Event Details:
  • This event will start from 10/21 to 10/31.
  • Jasper can be found at the Entrance of Peaca Dungeon.
  • Jasper needs about 150 Energy Orbs. The Energy Orbs can be found from hunting down the zombies during night at Uladh. These Energy Orbs dont last long so its best to report them immediately! The total number of the Energy Orbs is based upon the contribution of the community.
  • For every 12 hours, Jasper has a chance of losing 1~20 Energy Orbs
  • The Zombies can be found at these locations: East of Tir Chonaill, Northwest of Dunbarton, Midsouth of Dugald Aisle, North of Gairech, West of Sen Mag, Uphill of Abb Neagh, West of Taillteann, and Corrib Valley.
  • These Zombies can be brutal. It is advise to bring a friend with you or to play defensively.
  • After 150 Energy Orbs has been collected. Jasper will be able to Create a Special Dungeon Pass to Peaca Dungeon.
  • It is not recommended to enter the dungeon alone. So bring some of your friends along and seal down the gates once and for all!
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The amount of zombies at each location seems a bit low considering they don't really respawn.

Edit: Nvm, seems like a pass doesn't eat up the orbs.

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