Winter Ski Race Event (12/8 ~ 12/16) (rev. 2 by Flipend0 on 12-08-17, 09:22 am)
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Winter is arriving, and what better way to start the winter season than to participate in a winter activity? Luckly there's an event going on in Vales that involves just what you're looking for!

The Ski Race event is just by Vales, near Sella Beach. Control your movement with the WASD keys. You can power slide with a space bar as well. Your goal is to reach under 52 seconds without missing any flags.

[Event Details]
  • This event will run from 12/8 to 12/16
  • Head over to the North East of Sella Beach. (or use the Transportation Agent located at Dunbarton (5000 Gold))
  • Once you reach North East of Sella Beach. Hit the prop to start skiing. Use your WASD keys to move around. Use the space bar to do a power slide.
  • Try to pass all of the flags on your way out. If you miss a flag a 3 second penalty is added to your timer.
  • You must reach under 52 seconds to receive a prize.
  • You must open the prize once you have receive it. If you do not open it, you won't be able to receive another one after a successful race.

We hope to see you all participate, see you on the slopes!
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any idea of the kinds of prizes we can get?

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very nice post .thanks

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