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Guild Name: Celestial
Guild Leader: Kakusha
Guild Officers: Alexandra, Haliluna, Sahor
Senior Members: Zefritter, Sulcras

Who are we?
Originally founded on Mabinogi EU under the same name, our guild leader, my brother, was zoran88, and later Hitaru. The guild moved over to Mari server, after the EU shutdown, under the name Ocarina (seems Celestial was taken), with the guild leader being named Kaiyuri. It'd be nice to reconnect with some of our old guildies, though Kaiyuri has long since quit Mabi altogether.
From the start, we've always been a relaxed guild. Our focus being on enjoying the content at our own pace, rather than rushing to the end-game; always ready to help out those who need it.
Of course, this means that the Guild Leader and both current Officers are located in the EU, and will have different log on times than those playing from elsewhere. We're about 5/6 hours ahead of server time.

If you'd like a nice, easy-going and laid-back guild to run things with, or who can help out when needed, then maybe you should consider applying. Currently we're rather small, but I'm online pretty much daily and available to help out.
We have a Discord, link will be given upon acceptance to the guild.

What can we offer?
~ -100 CP armor (human/elf only currently, and gauntlets in the works)
~ Royal Alchemist Support (3 RAs in guild)
~ Quest assistance
~ Friendly atmosphere with no pressure

What we require from you
Not much, we're aiming for that laid-back approach;
~ Be active, play at least once or twice a week; let me know if you're going to be offline for 2 weeks or more if you can.
~ Be friendly and civil. No one likes an asshole.

If you're interested, please apply in-game, letting me know that you saw the forum post. Maybe send me a Note too with some basic info.

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Hi everyone. Will be interested in joining since my time zone is closer to EU. Messaging the leader prior to this post

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