Cold Time Winter Dyes (rev. 3 by Drahan on 12-22-17, 03:10 am)
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Brr...It's freezing cold outside...It wouldn't make sense if we called this a h-hot time now would it...

Happy Holidays from the MabiPro Team. You can't go into winter fashion without participating in this cold time.
Check this out! If you're in game during these times listed below, you'll be rewarded a free fixed dye or metal dye. All you have to do is stay logged in. Easy right?

Cold Time Winter Dyes Schedule:

  • Friday, 12/22 3:00PM EST
  • Friday, 12/22 7:00PM EST
  • Saturday, 12/23 3:00PM EST
  • Saturday, 12/23 7:00PM EST
  • Monday, 12/25 10:00AM EST
  • Monday, 12/25 7:00PM EST

Don't miss out!
-MabiPro Staff
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Thanks flip!
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