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The Jasper's "12 Days of Christmas" event has concluded earlier this week, though we understand many players were upset with how its rewards were distributed.

The premise of the event was that the player collects 12 pieces of a Christmas carol and trades them in to give everyone on the server a gift. The abundance of carol pieces and the gifts that were distributed as a result were much higher than we had anticipated; over 35,000 gifts were distributed during the course of the event.

We received several suggestions on what to do about this. However, our developers had very limited time available to make changes to the event, and only a few changes were able to be made. These changes were controversial and, in hindsight, not ideal; though they were the best that we were able to do given the time and resources that we had available to us. We anticipate that, in the very near future, our developers will have more time to prepare events (and that we will have more new developers working on them!) so that they are better received than this one.

It seems that despite these setbacks, the server still managed to have a great Christmas celebration on the 25th, with everyone socializing and opening gifts together. What a huge crowd that was in Dunbarton! Positive moments like these strongly drive us to continue operating MabiPro, and we promise to do our best for all of you in 2018!

-GMs Arisa, Drahan, Flipend0, Jade
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2018 will bring great peace
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I liked the event very much and i found the idea quite original despite the lack of balance with the rewards amount. In the end, rebalancing was nicely done (imo) and those were fun and interesting.
Keep the great work lads.
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I'm still absolutely burnt about how those who worked hard for everybody to enjoy things just ended up getting completely shafted, and those who continue to abuse everything they can with the game continued to make off better than anyone else, as usual. I might just be done with the game after that. No offense, but a better resolution should have been found. The team I held in such high regards that I was going to try what I could to contribute to the server in any form has let me down as hard as the original developers.
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o .o/ had my share of fun opening me presents(both irl and in'game) hope for a great year for

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