MabiPro Performance Analytics now public!
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Drahan GM

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Hello Milletians!

If you have ever wondered any of these things:
"Man, what in the world just caused that lag spike?",
"Is the server lagging...or am I lagging?",
"I wonder how much RAM and CPU MabiPro uses at any given time...?"

then, MabiPro has the answer....public access to our internal performance analytics system!
We decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea have access to this, since it's all read-only.
I'm sure lots of you are curious about MabiPro's performance analytics.
You can view the analytics at

This contains lots of cool statistics, such as:
  • Player count
  • Latency overhead for HA nodes
  • Server RAM usage
  • Disk space availability
  • Bandwidth usage
  • CPU usage/load
and potentially much more.

If we are encountering server issues, you can expect to see the reason for why appear on these graphs.
We hope you enjoy.

- Drahan
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pretty cool to see these kind of things, thanks!
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Thanks for this, it's a very good addition. Now I can ignore zwei entirely.

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