MabiPro's 1st Anniversary Event (rev. 2 by Drahan on 02-07-18, 06:25 pm)
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Drahan GM

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Greetings, Milletians!

On February 8th of last year, the MabiPro team made this thread: news Mabinogi Professional officially released!
We are excited to announce that today marks our 1st year anniversary of starting MabiPro.
We'd like to thank each and every one of our players who have dedicated their time to play on our server.
Over the period of 1 year, there has been a lot of drastic changes to our player base, development environment, ideas, and the team members.
We've encountered many problems along the way, but we've been consistently fixing whatever's thrown at us.
We'd like to thank you for staying along for the ride and motivating us to do what we enjoy: running the server.

We've decided to run a fun event to celebrate.

Rumor has it that if you give Shyla some special cards, she'll craft you a special dungeon pass.
She needs 5 of each M,A,B,I,P,R,O cards, they drop from monsters during the event.

Collect all 35 of them, and trade them with Shyla...then prepare for the dungeon.
The dungeon starts easy, but don't get too comfortable.
Make sure you bring a friend, as it'll require 2 or more players to enter the dungeon.

Event Details:
  • This event will run from 2/7/18 to 2/14/18 (Subject to re-evaluation)
  • Collect M,A,B,I,P,R,O tickets from defeating monsters
  • After collecting 5 of each M,A,B,I,P,R,O tickets, turn them in to Shyla at Tir Chonaill for a trade offer of her special dungeon pass
  • It requires 2 or more people on the party to be able to enter the dungeon
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Happy birthday MabiPro, here's to another good year <3
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Awesome we've managed to hit a year, I honestly figured this would be one of those pservers that died after a month of running when I first joined, but here we are.
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I'm so happy I was recommended to join MabiPro, the experience of playing Mabi again in the classic days has been amazing! Happy Birthday MabiPro, here's to another year!
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For anyone wondering you need to trade the letters to the shyla in tir chonail.
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BUGGED atm, cant open boss room
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Happy Anniversary friends. BTW, any of you guys (or GMs) have some anecdotes of the very first day/days of the server?
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Alder The LoreKeeper

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all I know is on the 11th day everyone was still chillin' in tir.

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