Spray System
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Flippy here!
I coded something fun, interesting, and unique to MabiPro, and I personally want to see how this turns out.
Using the Decal System via creative methods, I was able to create a Spray system with custom textures.
How it works is simple:
Use the spray item and it will spray a texture on the floor.
The spray system is a work in progress, and if all goes well it may be planned to have future events to enhance this system.

Feature Details:
  • Globally, only 100 Sprays are allowed on the floor.
  • Sprays are globally erased every 36 minutes in real time.
  • Sprays #0 and #1 will temporarily be in Shyla's Shop. Future Patches may remove this for a better future distribution system on sprays.
  • The Spray system is a work in progress, and may change based on new ideas, functionality, and/ or system limitations.
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It's Gmod all over again.

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