Mabinogi Services! 2.0
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Hey all! Since I can't edit my old thread any more I thought it would be better for my old one to be deleted and for me to just post a new one. I decided to put all the info into a google doc to avoid the problem of not being able to edit it too many times.

Remember if you guys want to have your info on here you will have to post on this thread or PM me so I know what ranks etc you are. If I consider you as inactive your name won't appear on the list. Hope this helps~
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You typoed my name on fragmentation ;w;
Ranks update: Enchant r3, Tailoring r4, Synthesis r5 (+full set), Composing r5 (playing r1 if you need a duet partner), Cooking r8, Mana Crystallization r1 (for whoever needs crystals to raft).
All services provided for free, preferred method of contact is Discord~
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Liriel has R1 weaving, no fee, happy to help everyone!

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