Iria Treasure Hunting Event (4/27/2018 ~ 5/5/2018) (rev. 1 by Drahan on 04-27-18, 06:44 am)
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Stop by Qilla Base Camp, talk to Alexina to open her shop, and grab yourself an L-rod.
Head out to Rano or Connous and start exploring for hidden chests.

As you approach hidden treasure chests, your L-rod will emit a pulsing light as well as up to 4 beeps. When you hear 4 beeps, use your L-Rod Exploration Action to uncover the hidden chest.

Be careful! Sometimes you will uncover a treasure chest with monsters guarding it. Defeat the monsters for a key to open the chest.

Happy Exploring!

Event Details:
  • This event will run from 4/27/2018 ~ 5/5/2018
  • To Participate, go to Rano or Connous with a L-Rod. Alexina sells them at her shop.
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I hate I missed this event. Hopefully it will be back.

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