New Generation Quest to Save the Three Heros
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A fun conversation was had in global chat today, talking about the story of Mabinogi. There were many disagreements, and many ideas thrown around everywhere, but the idea of a new generation where we, the millitians, help the original 3 heros (Tarlach, Mari, and Ruari) to regain some semblance of happiness in their lives stood out to me.

As our GM demigods are creating new and fun generation quests already, i figured i would add this here, to stir up some ideas. A generation quest, however, would be a giant undertaking, so I understand if our Gm's, busy as they are, decide not to take it up. If they do decide to make something though, I would hope they take some inspiration from this thread and give us closure to the G1-3 quests that started it all. As they would be doing the heavy lifting, i would be okay with basically anything, and would simply request that the following three points are done to some degree:

I want to heal Tarlach, and make Kristel more human. I want them to make looooots of babies and live happy lives.

I want to heal Nao's broken heart, and give her more control over her life. I want her to stand alongside her friends and smile like she used to.

I want to smack Ruari over the head for being such a stupid moron. I want to show him that his old friends still care for him and want him to go back to the brave, kind hearted man he used to be.

a quest to do these things, be it big or small... it would make me super happy, and for anyone who cared for the story back in the old mabi days, i think it would make them happy too.

Either way, just like in global chat, discuss your feelings on the issue.
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This is what I've been missing in my life. I couldn't put my finger on it until now. I wasn't in the Discord discussion but I really want this to be a possibility. This is the reason I got into the game

I need closure :'(
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Yes and lets revive Goodguy Cichol aswel, and help him with his genocide plans
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Well, since we won't be killing Ruairi in this version, why not?
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Reviving Mores would be a cool thing too. I want that damn shield that can straight up block an attack from a god.

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