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I know it's a few months late, but I am Blighty. I'm a pure mage and I hail from EU until it got rekted.

Here is Mabinogi EU's eternal resting ground

Ever since I have started as a pure mage, my journey has been somewhat successful and frustrating. I'm heavily restricted to weekends since I'm usually busy on the weekdays. The server's double rates have made it more bearable and I am thankful as it would not have been possible to be total level 500+ today without it. Yes, only playing on weekends occasionally and for at least two to three hours separately. Sometimes no play at all!

If you have questions or advice, give me a shout. I keep an open mind and will answer any questions I can. If you would like to walk along side a pure mage, I am happy to join Basic Shadow Missions, normal dungeon runs, theatre missions and Panty Pantay raids. When I am online, it means I am usually bored and always looking for people to play with. And I can't do damage for shit. 1k CRIT DAMAGE FOR R1 THUNDER, 20 MANA, AND 8k WAND REPAIRS- FFFF

I'm also a musician. I ranked Music skills for the int so I have r4 Composing. Let me know if you want something copied.

Add/ Message me on Discord: Slightly Blighty#8937
IGN: Blighty

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