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Around this rare time of the year, a beautiful sight occurs in various lakes and ports around Erinn every night. Stars, many stars, falling down to our world as sparking meteors. This type of sightseeing is rare to come by, and that makes the falling fragments a collectable item for Milletians everywhere. But, in order to have a more valuable experience, one must be able to uncover the surface of the fragment to reveal a star candy, which can be achieved with delicate hands. Don't miss out on this rare and amazing sight...

The Shooting Star Fragments event will usually take place on Port Qilla Beach, Port Ceann, and Calida Lake, Starting around 6PM to 6AM in game time. Belita, Alexina, or Shenon sells collectable books for the star candies. Collect all of them to win a reward for your participation of the event.

Event Details:
* The Shooting Star Event will start in 6/13 and end in 6/22 .
* Collect the fragments that's falling down to the ground in Qilla Beach, Ceann, or Calida, at 6PM to 6AM in-game time.
* Uncover the fragments to find Star Candies.
* Gather the different Star Candies into the collection book from Belita, Alexina, or Shenon, Collect all 12 of them to receive a reward.
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Nice event, but i noticed that its hard to get all needed parts in one spot, so there is my advice - try every listed locations. (Dont know if its part of this event or just mine luck)
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If youre having trouble restoring fossils dont give up! Try cranking down the mouse sensitivity a lot and following this pattern!

gl everyone (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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