Hello everyone
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Hello, I'm Donniet2 and I'm a returning player to mabinogi after about 4 years. ( Although i didn't get to far into it aka gen 3 XD)
I heard about MabiPro while searching up mabinogi on google.
My IGN is Royalt, add me by all means
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Still a casual gamer

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Typically add people around my level or higher, as most the time i only use my FL to invite people on dungeons i run.

I would encourage you to make use of global and the discord though, particularly the discord. It gets quiet sometimes, but you can typically find people to talk to, and get help from for story related content. Farming items on the other hand, can be a bit more difficult.
Ping me on the discord if you want my attention fast. Lazyfae is nick.

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