Lorna and Pan Summer Beach PVP Event (8/30~9/9) (rev. 1 by Flipend0 on 08-31-18, 09:20 am)
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It’s that time of year again where Lorna and Pan just can’t stop fighting! This time they’ve taken their feud to the beaches of Port Ceann. You must lay down your weapons and speak to either Lorna or Pan to join their team. While you enlist yourself, you may notice a bin full of juicy watermelons. Your task is to steal as many watermelons from the opposing team as possible.
This is no ordinary game of capture the watermelon. Once enlisted in a team you will receive a special ice baton that can be used to freeze enemies to prevent them from stealing more watermelons. Beware though! The enemy too has the capabilities to freeze you and only by using the baton on a frozen team member can they spring back into action. Use this weapon in your quest to steal as many watermelons as possible!

Head over to Port Ceann to participate in the event (or, speak to the Transportation Agent at Dunbarton to automatically transport you there for 5000 gold).

Event Details:
  • The event will run between 08/30 and 09/09.
  • You must steal watermelons from the enemy team.
  • To join a team speak to either Lorna or Pan with nothing equipped in your hands, no transformation loaded, and no pets / golem summoned.
  • You will be equipped with a Summer Beach Day Event Baton and Summer Beach Day Event Swimsuit for your respective team and gender.
  • The baton can be used to freeze enemy team members or unfreeze fellow team members.
  • You will have five minutes to join and warm up.
  • You can join a match in progress but will be restricted from doing so in the last five minutes of any match.
  • After the match, if you're on the winning team, every player on the winning team will receive rewards. If you're on the losing team, only some players will receive rewards.
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I would love to enjoy the event but people are purposefully camping me. I can't even move. I wish GM's would do something about these players.
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Finally managed to catch onto the times when the event happens, and had some good time with it.
But that was only until people know how easy it is to just mostly head to the already very headstarted team or even just the one with a strong majority just to get the prizes, so teams can easily get very unbalanced.
And that's just one thing before the campers also kick in, also combined with above issue in my own experience. Getting yourself locked down in one spot for a significant part of the game just because the other team wants it that way is no fun.

The event was a fun idea, but way off the mark in terms of balance for good fun in my opinion.

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