Node stability and quality of life updates (rev. 1 by Drahan on 09-29-18, 02:24 pm)
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Drahan GM

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Hello everybody!

Recently, I identified a major source of instability on our HA node system which load balances MabiPro's connections.
The bug was fixed last night (9/28/18) and an update was pushed to correct this.

This should result in increased server stability (less random disconnections).

Latency Correction System

Alongside this update is a new system for helping players with high latency: the skill load latency correction system.
This allows you to subtract the latency caused by your high latency connection and load skills in real-time.

To use it, you need to measure your latency (you can do so by pinging any of MabiPro's HA nodes, e.g in the Windows Command Prompt.

After you have determined your approximate latency, you can run >skill (insert latency here) to activate the latency correction system.

If your measured ping is too large, the game server will notify you to lower the ping you have chosen. Fine tune it to a point where it is just under the point where it notifies you.

This system is in beta, so please report any bugs you may find.
One such bug we are aware of is an issue with the notification telling you to lower your number - it sometimes triggers 100% of the time.

If you find any other bugs, please let us know in a ticket.

Otherwise, enjoy the feature and enjoy your time at MabiPro.
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Thank you for all of your hard work Drahan!
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As far as I noticed, server barely crashes anymore, thanks Drahan.
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Thanks guys it is much better now
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Haven't noticed a single node crash since this change. Awesome work.
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Thanks for doing god's work.

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