Heya everyone
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Heya !

I'm a casual Mabinogi player from Belgium (the french part) and found this server by pure chance. I was searching info about Pingzapper for the official server and someone, on reddit, talked about here.

So here I am. I've played first on the Japanese server on the early days (I didn't understand anything), continued on the Europe server until its death and finished on the NA (stopped due to the high ping). All of that casually, I never farmed much or went far in the game. The most I've did was half of G8 on the NA. Thus I still have a lot to learn !

I'll start playing tomorrow as I made my character by error (I don't like the face) and I have to wait until tomorrow 7am to delete it (I didn't know I was limited to only one and/or couldn't delete instantly).

Hope we'll get along well !
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Welcome to the server. If the only reason you're deleting your character is because you don't like the appearance, know that you can change your appearance when you rebirth every two weeks. There's a bunch of custom appearance options for you to choose on here as well, like extra colors, eyes, and hairstyles.

Also if you delete your character, you'd also have to get rid of the free horse that comes with the account before the game will give you a new character card to start with. Unfortunately, that's just how the game was designed, so I recommend that you just keep your character and just tough it out for the next 2 weeks.
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Thanks for the welcome and the info. I'll keep playing with it then.

Is Rebirth exactly every 2 weeks or it's related to the character age ? (Because I made my character 14 years old)
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Rebirth is every 14 days. So on your character's second birthday (not necessarily your character's second age-up) you will be allowed to rebirth.
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Hello new person.
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Welcome to the server!

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