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wonder if human charge could be locked to using a shield OR using heavy armor (or both, obviously). that could be an interesting compromise that also makes heavy armor more relevant.

it's also "thematic" given the main thematic idea behind charge is to rush through arrows to hit an archer, and historically full metal body armor helped mitigate the need for shields in performing such feats

perhaps the new enchant slot for heavy armors could be used to grant the ability to charge without a shield?

Neat idea imo. Makes sense thematically and gives heavy armor a niche.

Slightly unrelated, if I had one request concerning heavy armor though, it'd be to allow the elemental fragments from the cavern depths to be equipped while using it. Being locked out of those extremely powerful accessories while wearing heavy armor (in any circumstance) is just unfortunate. No harm would come of allowing those specifically to be equipped with heavy armor (if it's possible).
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There's a simple solution to this problem. Remove elves.

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