The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament Event
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The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament Event

Shyla at Tara has obtained a limited supply of Certificates to participate at the Tara NPC Jousting Tournament.
and she is offering players these certificates to attend, for a small fee of course!

There are 5 NPCs, Ferghus, Meles, Taunes, Lorna, and Triona. You must strike all of them in a game of Joust.
Are you prepared? This Tournament will get red hot!

Event Details:
  • The Great Tara NPC Jousting Tournament will start in 11/9~11/16
  • Upon logging in, you'll receive a quest and a Yellow Wings of a Goddess to automatically teleport you to Tara, where Shyla can be found. If you have already participated in this event last year, you will not receive a Yellow Wings of a Goddess, go straight to Shyla at Tara.
  • You will need 2500 gold to receive the Certificate to Participate at the NPC Jousting Tournament, as well as automatically entering the NPC Jousting Tournament Event.
  • You will have a 10 minute cool down for entering the mission again. This means if you fail, log out, disconnected, or changed channels, you will have to wait 10 minutes before entering in the tournament again.
  • The NPCS must be defeated in order : Ferghus, Meles, Taunes, Lorna, Triona
  • Defeating each NPC will reward you a gachapon.
  • If you lose, you will lose the Certification. This will result in failing the mission.
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Do you only have one shot at the gacha?
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my favourite event returns( ˘ ³˘)
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Can't wait to try this out!

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