MabiPro Generation 1 Guide (rev. 1 by flandre on 12-03-18, 04:06 pm)
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It's a very common for new users to be confused on how to do Generation 1 on MabiPro. Even more confusing is that Generation 1 in NA had changes multiple times so neither the Pre-genesis or Post-genesis wiki articles have all the information in one place.

This guide contains a guide that is 99% accurate to MabiPro (100% if we ignore the line talking about a pon shop for the Goro's Ring quest)
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Thank you very much. I just want it.
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I don't know if it was something on my part, but I want to mention the snowman in Sidhe Sneachta does not have a shine on its head. You'll want to check its location on the Gen 1 mabiwiki page based on 2011.
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