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So there have been a lot of questions on the new Tag event and I figured I'd help out with a reasonable guide.

To start out, monsters drop an item called "Goblin Tag Pass" similar to red coins, This item is sacrificed at any alter in order to create an instance of the event similar to a shadow mission. Inside there are "goblins" that spawn. The goal of this part is simple, chase the goblins and attack as much as you can. Killing a goblin will give you a star, and when every goblin is dead they'll respawn. Eventually a noise will play and a corrupted monster will spawn, ignore him for now (more on this later). After 10 minutes the event will end and 2-5 chests will spawn for each person in the mission, and you can open one per star you have. That said, the chests are not locked to each person, so anyone can unlock anyone else's chests. Be careful if you're running these publicly that you agree not to open each others chests. The blue chests will always spawn 1 per person and (presumably) have the best rewards. Yellow and brown chests also spawn and have lower rewards (presumably), though all the drops I've gotten so far have been marginal to bad.

Once you've opened a blue chest, a portal will spawn. Remove your weapons from your I weapon tab (as opposed to your II weapon tab) and proceed. Inside there will be two kitten like things. Talk to the one standing up and he'll equip a unique cylinder to your first inventory slot. This unique cylinder modifies life drain to allow it to 100% of the time drop either a stack of 1-3 temporary life drain crystals to refund the ones you're using or a viral shard. There are 4 types of viral shards, A B C and D. A type shards drop from animals like bats, rats, bears, and so on. B type shards drop from undead like skeletons, ghosts, and so on. C types drop from most other things. WARNING:: DO NOT USE THEM IN THE OVERWORLD. The drop rate is tied to the sprite, and in the overworld of erinn sprites respawn as a measure to conserve server resources. Instead run dungeons: Rabbie and Rundal gives B shards from skeletons, Alby has a lot of bats and rats so its good for A shards, and ciar gives a lot of C shards. Now where do D shards come from you might be asking. D shards come from those corrupted monsters mentioned above, however they're immune to damage from normal means as they have millions of hitpoints as well as health regeneration and poison immunity. In order to kill a corrupted monster you must first "tenderize" it with attacks until it looks like its covered in binding rings. After this you counterattack it // deal enough damage//get a critical knockdown effect hit it with enough damage(?) and a sound effect should play as it drops an event life drain crystal . Use the life drain crystals and its immunity will break and if you're lucky a D shard will drop. Regular life drain also works for this. After this he can easily be killed for an additional 3*s

What do you do with those shards? Well you bring them back through the portal in the tag arena. Since there's no immediate reward besides free life drain crystals we're fairly certain there is either a server-wide counter that we need to surpass for each individual crystal type, which would be annoying, or each crystal has a hidden point value contributed to a universal value (think 1 2 3 10 counting toward 10000) It seems its a global counter so any dropped crystal should be Equally valuable

So now that everything is laid out in clear text please make sure to HELP THE SERVER OUT and collect these crystals. Any amount that you can will be greatly appreciated by all your fellow millitians! If you have any questions feel free to bloop me on the unofficial discord.

Happy Hunting

There are also reports of these life drain shards dropping from killing mobs with normal lightning bolt, although no screen shots have been posted and I couldn't replicate this.

There ARE rewards in the event for turning in virus fragments, however we're not sure what causes you to get the rewards. They may be just given when you turn in ANY crystals, regardless of stack count.

Core stack size doesn't matter as much, so feel free to turn in one of each at once, but later stages will likely be more rewarding so saving is also a viable strat for helping the server rather than just yourself.

We've only really gotten any actual items when we've turned in 25+ crystals so if you're looking for a right amount its probably around there

There are various debuffs the data drain skill gives you, the most dangerous of them instantly kill you so be careful. There seem to be some kind of debuffs related to causing it. Once you get one of these further use will cause you to get a green debuff, which enables instant death.

All the turn in rewards are finished and gone, the rewards from tag have been rescaled and the event items that came from turn ins have been placed in the tag chests. Turning in crystals now has a chance at giving aromatic herbs, which can be used in the shop. They also drop from data draining monsters. Turning in crystals may or may not matter anymore (we don't know)

It has been 100% CONFIRMED that something MAY happen should we reach 10k total cores turned in (3/26/[email protected]~6k)

Rinrins post below contains more accurate information, but individual turn ins on cores is an exploit and may get you banned if you're caught
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Quick note: Do not hand in cores to macha (Cat) repeatedly and in singles. All it does is spam system messages and is annoying, and it serves no benefit to do so. Those caught causing the cat to spam messages will be booted from the event instance, and possibly banned if they continuously attempt it. It's just spam at that point.
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We were given no information about this event so of course people are going to test everything in every way they could. Maybe if we were given some guidelines as to how this event actually worked, you wouldn't have to be annoyed with the spam to the system :l
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yeh wat espy sed
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Okay so for a TL;DR on event:

1. Get a goblin tag pass from any monster. Drop that on any altar.
A random amount of 1~5 chests will spawn per person after the 10 minutes is up. You get 1 star from killing a gold goblin and use 1 star to open a chest.
Noteworthy rewards from these chests include Tiger Claw, Kikuichimonji, and pet training kits.

2. After a couple of minutes, a glitchy-named boss will spawn near the middle of the goblin tag area. It cannot be killed at first. Hit it repeatedly until it drops a Virus Core Fragment, which is a special life drain crystal, and then use that to life drain the boss to break its immunity. Then you can kill it.

Killing the boss will give 3 stars and cause a fancy silver-colored chest to spawn at the end. Opening that chest will cause a portal to appear.

*If you do not know Life Drain, you will need someone who does to help with your first run of Goblin Tag so that you can get a bracelet and learn LD in step 3.

3. Enter the portal and talk to the cat with no weapon equipped in your first right hand slot. You will be a given a bracelet and taught Life Drain if you don't know it already.

4. Now you can use that bracelet to farm Virus Cores and Aromatic Grass. Just equip the bracelet and Life Drain any mob in a dungeon to cause them to drop. This is the main meat of the event.

5. After your bracelet is out of durability and you have some nice loot from spamming Life Drain, run another Goblin Tag and see the cat again. Destroy your broken bracelet so you can get a new one.

6. Turn in your cores and grass for rewards. (do not turn them in one by one, that is not intended behavior. Edited to clarify.)

Some rewards from turning in cores include: Aromatic Grass, Goblin Tag Pass, Wavemaster Wand, Magic Hosei, Mystical Wavemaster Hat
The Aromatic Grass Exchange contains, among other items: Wandering Wavemaster's Hat for 3 grass, Adventurer's Heavy Blade for 8 grass, Ludicrous staff for 15 grass, Grunty pet for 10 grass

I would personally recommend aiming to get a Ludicrous as its guardian summon effect seems pretty good. It also has badass animations. Stat-wise, the Adventurer's Heavy Blade can exceed bipennis crit and can be upgraded to have better stats overall than a HLC with no special upgrade. The Grunty pet is slower than an elf but has the ostrich's speed boost skill and 6x10 inventory space.
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Thank you for this explanation.

Now that I have a full understanding of how the event should work, I find it semi-fun. The only thing that I find annoying is having to wait until the time is up for the chests to spawn. I feel like after I kill the main "glitchy-named boss" the chests and portal should just appear. Chasing the goblins around for more stars is just... boring so I don't see the point there, which is why I didn't like this event to begin with. Anyway, ty for taking the time to write this up!
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Ah that's because they want to incentivize group play, albeit its poorly implemented. When you play with a large group since only one person kills the boss people will need to kill 4-5 goblins each, which takes much more time. That said since passes are such common drops, and people are spamming lower level content for grass, they don't really feel the need to bother grouping up.

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