Unscheduled Maintenance 4/4/19 (rev. 6 by Jade on 04-04-19, 09:54 pm)
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Update: The maintenance has been completed at 05:44PM 04/04/19 EST.
All servers are running normally.
Please update your client.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Milletians,

Mabinogi Professional will be undergoing scheduled server maintenance during the following time:
06:50AM 04/04/19 to 12:00PM 04/04/19 (EST)
  • The Theater Mission "A Bone to Pick" has been enabled. Anchors aweigh!
  • Yggdrasil Sword and Serpent Sword's poison property has been reworked to a functional state.
  • Holy Mace of Lymilark now properly retains set bonuses when Special Upgrading.
  • Shakespeare NPC names will now appear translated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blacksmith Recipe for Tribal Bird Bracelet was locked at 0%.
  • Reenabled Ice Flute/Ice Siren option when choosing an item for Siren partner
  • Enabled evade for Timberman Z AI and party heal for Darkner AI.
  • Added a teleport scroll to Shion's shop.
  • Added a new repair option at Kenta's shop for the oriental weapons from Kurayama.
  • Fixed an issue with Tsubame not being able to see when a player is cursed.
  • NPCs in Kurayama are now more open about private stories and rumors. Speak to them with these keywords to learn more about the village and its people.
  • The following items can now be Special Upgraded.
  • Fighter's Pickaxe
  • Dao
  • Wildwood Crossbow
  • Yggdrasil Sword
  • Spin Gai Gu
  • Magic Hosei
  • Adventurer Heavy Blade
  • The last three are available in "A Bone to Pick".

We apologize for any inconvenience.

-MabiPro Staff
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Itss been so long, please return MabiPro to us <3
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yey great update i love mabipro thank you gms take my money

can i upgrade my rose's thorn yet

also did ppl even check adventurer's heavy blade's final stats after sticking claymore upgrades on it cuz it beats out hlc by like 15 max and 25 crit simultaneously. i didn't think it would actually get special upgrades

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