Content Poll #5
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It's time for Content Poll #5! The questions will be posted below in advance of voting beginning. Unless specified otherwise, all questions can be answered with Yes or No, and you will be free to skip any of them that you're not sure about. Voting will begin ingame on June 30. As usual, for a question to pass, at least 75% of voters must have said Yes. Skipping questions does not count as a No vote. For questions with multiple contextualized Yes or No answers, the Yes answer with the most votes will be certified if the question passes, and the No answer with the most votes will be certified if the question fails.

Please note that votes are always thoroughly audited and that voting with alts is not allowed.

The first question is about the Ideal Types system in G2. The current system has been criticized for making very specific demands, which may be difficult to fulfill on servers with lower populations. We propose broadening these demands so that they are easier to fulfill.

Should "Ideal Types" in G2 be adjusted to a simpler format that is easier to complete?

Should we reduce the cooldown for Giant Throwing Attack from 25 seconds to 7 seconds?

Should the Avon Mission "Fortinbras Expedition" be adjusted to make it more practical to complete?

Should transforming restore hunger?

Should the stack size of taming bait be increased from 10 to 50?

Should the stack sizes of silk and fabric be increased from 10 to 20?

Should the stack sizes of HP, MP and SP potions created with the Potion Making skill (therefore not including 10 and 30 potions) be increased from 10 to 20?

The next question is graphics-related and will decide what to do with Manus and Bebhinn's portraits:

In the North American localization of Mabinogi, Bebhinn's and Manus's portraits and models were replaced with black versions of the characters. MabiPro is based on the Japanese localization of Mabinogi and uses the original portraits and models for Bebhinn and Manus. Should we use the North American versions instead?
  • Yes, replace the current Bebhinn and Manus with the North American versions of the characters
  • Yes, as above, and reuse the original portraits to create new NPCs
  • Yes, but the North American portraits should be introduced as new NPCs with new names
  • No, do not use the North American portraits

Should the rate at which alchemy upgrades are discovered be increased significantly?

Should Shyla open a weekly red coin shop, which offers a different group of items every week? The items will be able to be bought individually; not exclusively as a bundle or gachapon.

If question 10 is accepted, should Shyla discontinue selling seasonal and commodity gachapon, provided all their items could appear in the weekly shop?
  • Yes
  • No, but reduce their prices
  • No, and leave their prices unchanged

Should race restrictions be removed from summoning?

Should a red coin bag be added and made available from the auction house? It would take up 2x2 inventory slots and be able to store 2000 red coins.

Should conventional gathering give experience?

Question 15 is a purely cosmetic change suggested by some players:

Should a human using Ranged Attack always hold their bow vertically, and an elf using Ranged Attack always hold their bow horizontally?

Should food items be balanced so earlier ranking items don't outperform later ranking items?

Should the duration of all pet timers for Nexon pets be increased by 50%? This change would not affect pets exclusive to MabiPro.

Should the Wind Blast skill be adjusted to have damage values present in Nexon's Mabinogi?

Should the aim % for long-ranged attacks change colors or flash when it reaches 99%?

Should new characters be given a dialog allowing them to choose between recieving the current starter skills, or recieving an AP bonus equivalent to the AP value of the current starter skills?

Feel free to discuss these questions in the comments of this post or on Discord! Voting will begin ingame on June 30, and continue for at least a week.
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Question 1: I skipped g2 for this reason, so yeah, sure, make it easier for the future of pro players.

Question 2: Yeeessss, finally!

Question 4: No, but unless something is done to make hunger last slightly longer, I don't know how to vote on this one.

Question 7:

Question 9:

Question 12:

Question 13: I don't feel like that bag should only have the option of being an auction item, with RNG on items picked. Craftable + Content drop might be a better combo solution.

Question 14: I'm not sure what you mean but sure, why not.

Question 18:

Question 19:

Question 20: I don't see why not.
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maybe its just me but for question 17, 50% feels like a drop in the bucket in the grands scheme of things. is there a reason behind the scenes for not lifting it completely?
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Hurrah for more content polls! Always glad to see more of these. For this one, I'd like to know more about two of these questions.

#3. I want to hear more about the proposed changes before I vote on this one.

#15. Would this apply solely to ranged attack or would it apply to arrow revolver, magnum shot, and support short as well?
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Just throwing out what I'll be voting on and why

1. Yes, encourage people to NOT skip the gens
2. Maybe That's a pretty big balance change and is tough to say, it'd be cool to have a rework to atlatls to allow for upgrades as well, since right now the system is very lacking and any new Atlatl has to cleverly come up with new mechanics to give it damage.
3. Yes (because ultimately it's bad rewards and almost a fun mission)
4. No, make us eat
5. Yes, because it's taming who cares ultimately
6. Yes, but also increase stack sizes of cobwebs and wool to make crafting easier; all of these mats have bags now
7. Yes, perfectly fine since it disallows shop
8. No, I kind of like the different flavor they add and make the server feel unique as an NA player
9. Yes, most upgrades are at their hardest stage now
10. Yes, sounds fun if the items are okay in balance and there's no new BiS items
11. No, reduce their prices. Gachapons should be a gamble to get the items instead of waiting to get the guaranteed item, but doesn't make sense to cost a full item
12. Yes, it's just inconvenience
13. Yes, it'd be nice having all your coins go to one place.
14. Yes, if its 500 and under (boosted)
15. No, you can mod this yourself if you really want it.
16. Yes, even though I know that could be a huge undertaking
17. No, pet timers are fine
18. Yes, as long as we don't also bring the stam scaling on it. It still won't be noticeable damage, but it'll be some damage at least.
19. No opinion; I don't have archery so I can't say how useful it would be
20. Yes, as there's some skills that people have no use for in the starter set of skills.
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1. Absolutely.
2. I don't play giant nor do I know anyone that is giant that has an opinion on this, so no opinion there.
3. Yes
4. Lets not make food useless. (AKA no)
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Yes
8. Black Manus is one of my favorite NPCs. But honestly, up to you.
9. Anything to prevent life skills and things similar to from being agony. (yes)
10. Yes; sounds interesting.
11. Ditto of what Frobozz said. (no, reduce their prices)
12. It sounds like a hindrance, so yes.
13. Bag for red coins? Why not? (Yes)
14. Yes as long as it's not overkill.
15. Not really a point to it. (No)
16. Probably?
17. Nah.
18. No opinion
19. No opinion
20. Yes. Not everyone wants all those skills.
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1-7: Yes.
8: Create new NPCs of either (I am neutral on which).
9-10: Yes.
11: No, but reduce their prices.
12-15: Yes.
16: No.
17-20: Yes.
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