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So, you're probably wondering who is this Shyla NPC that has suddenly appeared?
Well in this thread I'll explain what purpose she serves.

Shyla's Shop:
Upon opening her shop you will see 3 Tabs: Misc, Premium Items, and Remote Coupons.
She sells everything from Arrows to Bugles!
Feel free to take a look next time you see Shyla (If you're having trouble locating Shyla check out the images below showing her locations).
Be sure to save up your gold, most of these items will benefit you at some point in your adventures.

Shyla's Red Coin Shop:
Upon clicking the Red Coin Shop option you will have a few selection options: Dyes, Pets, Gachapon.
Dyes cost 20 Red Coins.
Pets vary in price, as you can see from this image:

Gachapons cost 100 coins and you will receive 3.

How do you obtain Red Coins you may ask?
Very simple, there is a chance to obtain one from any monster within the game. Make sure you save them up!

Shyla's Locations:
Tir Chonaill:



Emain Macha:



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>Sells Monster Drop Pots

Oh you and i are gonna get along just fine

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