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I found out about this server couple months ago, and totally forgot about it. Nice to meet you all. I hope to meet some of you in-game. I'm called kuuchan ^^ Is there a way to change ign? I'm still lvl5,

See you soon~
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I never played live. The lack of translation can be VERY frustrating at times since you have to learn something (a lot of things) secondhand from somebody else and follow guides plus the wiki which isn't always correct. That said, this game is awesome and also the MMO experience that I've wanted to re-experience since Runescape started going downhill around a decade ago.

Pls send fine leathers.
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Hello! I'm new to MabiPro, but I've been playing Mabinogi on NA server (Alexina) since 2014 iirc. I joined MabiPro because I was interested in an old school private server with fewer (but active) players. Makes me so nostalgic!

I've made a human character named Aquarelle so far but I plan on mainly playing elf (who I haven't made yet)
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Hi, I'm Essent. My IGN is Essention and I've been a Mabi player since G9 came out. So yeah, a while. I was curiously looking for Mabi private servers one day after seeing a bunch for Maplestory. So, here I am!
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Hi. My name is T.K. I've played Mabinogi since it came out. It is pretty nice to come back to nostalgic times. I mean both the old and new have their perks but, I find it easier to play with others on here. I used to play on the live server, Mari, with about 1K cumulative levels with max bard skills and max rank lightning spells. It has the same IGN as the one on this server.

Mainly, a Human Mage named Tini (Have not yet to make my Elf yet).

Anyways, I hope to enjoy playing the game with everyone here!
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The Name Is Edvon I Main Giants Alcmist you can find me on alex sever on the official sever
I was getting tired of how nexon made evey thing pay to win am a 5k player and when a 1k player comes around with gear (fire wand that dose 10k+ or more) from shop items it jest thoke me back a bit like wow
so I looked for a sever were I found jestanotherDan YouTube talking about mabipro so I jumped In and tried it out and so far love it
hope to see a nice commuity
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Hey guys, I've kind of gotten bored this summer so I decided try this server out!
My ingame name is the same and my main human on Alexina, Lightsnake. So feel free to add me please! I'd love to have some help re-learning old Mabi haha!
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Hello, I'm Raburesu. Well at least on most games I play, I gave this a download last time but my other laptop couldn't do it, so I'm gonna try again on a new one after watching some videos.

I love alchemy and looking forward to trying that. I believe I have a human named Sharotto. If you ever see me in game, I can be pretty anti social on appearance, but that's mainly just me being shy.

Anyway it's nice to meet you all. ^^
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Hello everyone I am Revarin. I am new to this server, but a long term player on official servers. My in-game name is the same and I like to chat a lot so feel free to message me.

I plan to do a lot of crafting and look forward to meeting many of you!
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Hello, I'm Mutation~!
A bunch of my friends were complaining about Mabinogi and then someone went to see if there was a private server. So here I am!
My main is Muzikana. Generally I idle a lot in newbie wear because I'm doing other things while waiting for part-time jobs.
I'm interested in spending time translating a little, and have a Bachleors in Japanese, actually.
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Hello, I'm Mutation~!
A bunch of my friends were complaining about Mabinogi and then someone went to see if there was a private server. So here I am!
My main is Muzikana. Generally I idle a lot in newbie wear because I'm doing other things while waiting for part-time jobs.
I'm interested in spending time translating a little, and have a Bachleors in Japanese, actually.

Welcome! Oh sweet that'd mean we can actually read the NPC dialog again
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Hello everybody! I'm an old school mabi player from Tarlach server before it died. Found out about this private server from a old friend that migrated over a few months ago. Hate to start over but starting over with new active people wont be to bad. Looking forward to playing with you guys on weekends and add my giant (Gief) if you willing to have me around to help with missions. Need my total lvl 500 back lol.
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Hi! I've been curious about this server for awhile so i thought I'd try it out! Can't wait to meet you all!
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Hi everyone! I started Mabinogi on Mari about 9 years ago. I played for a few years, took a long break, and now I'm here! Looking forward to starting over. Playing as an Elf Warrior, with plans to do a hybrid warrior build eventually. Looking forward to playing with everyone.
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Hey there! I used to love playing mabinogi back in 2014, but after accidentally smashing the screen of my laptop I had to go on a bit of a hiatus. I didn't get access to a computer again until about a year ago, and I was severely disappointed with the state the game was in. It took me a while to realize that private servers were a thing, but after watching a video that mentioned private servers for mmos I decided to check if there was one for mabi! And now I'm here lol. Once I get a new keyboard for my current laptop, you can find me in game with the name Astroboyo16!
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Hello! Been an on and off player of Mabinogi. started when EU Mabi exsisted and honestly never felt the same playing on NA.

I felt like looking for a private server to try and stumbled here : )

I generally go under Huntre with my IGN's
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Hello all! I started playing mabi way back in 2009 and Ive been playing it relatively consistently since then. I just had a sort of nostalgia for old mabi (I like almost cried when i saw the old alchemist login screen qq) and wanted to just check it out. I still play actively only Alexina so if any of yall see me on mabi live (ign Zal) say Hi . Cant wait to play with yall! ^^
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Hi, i'm Kawara from Taiwan. (So I lack the experience of speaking English.)
I found MabiPro on another Taiwanese forum that related to Mabinogi.
I started playing about 10 years ago and I just joined MabiPro yesterday as an newbie giant.
I like the design of red coins so that I can do anything more freely than to be bothered by the rewards in the game.
Usually, I playing the game and do my research at the same. So I might be speechless(?) in game, sorry about that.
Hope everyone have nice day!
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Hello.I'm hanakoume
My English is not good.I have something to say but I can not write it
Thank you Google Translation

have a good day.
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