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Hi there!
I'm Shasos and have played on the EU Server in the Celestial Guild a few years back until the server slowly died. After that I switched to the Mari US Server where I have played in the Ocarina guild. I'm taking a look at MabiPro right now after to reminiscent about old times.
Maybe I'll play actively again.
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I go by the name Mitama in game, anyone who wants to chat and hang around can add me freely
(Started few days ago, still doing G1)
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Hi! I just started playing MabiPro yesterday and
I'm totally open to anyone messaging me or wanting to play together!

I've had my eye on this private server for a while, because I miss playing mabinogi
and I finally gave in and decided to play.

My IGN is okysu, please message me!
I'm not sure how active I'll be but I'll be on every now and then.

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