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Nice to meet ya, istarted a couple days ago, you'll find its pretty easy to get started .
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I'm Miladanshi, I used to play on the Tarlach server (Same IGN) for about 8 years, on and off.
I had made lots of friends, lead a guild, and even found the love of my life on this game, though sadly a lot of my friends disappeared without a trace...
I heard about MabiPro in a forum thread about the new Mabinogi Mobile game coming soon, and I'd really like to experience the nostalgia of the game without all the ridiculous NX-spending!
Hopefully my hubby Chozo will play with me too.

Hope to meet all of you in-game!
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Hello, I am Folkan, in game. new to Mabinogi, so getting the hang of things. I had just created my character. Was also wondering if anyone had experience how to get the Dragon rider Pet?
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Hello! I main an 18k+ elf on Alexina server for the official Mabinogi server so I’m quite well-known there... but I have been trying hard to stay loyal to the original Mabinogi game but I am getting very tired of Nexon’s incompetence for their own game and not even listening to what most players want in game and their poor customer service so...

I have already heard about MabiProfor a while so I have been meaning to try it out but I haven’t gotten the chance to do so til just now. I am Voz in game! The community is very nice so far so I know I’ll enjoy my stay here.
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Alder The LoreKeeper

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Hi I'm Oak, I started on the 11th day after the server dropped so I've been here a while. I am not high level and sort of just socialize and have fun, but I am a wealth of knowledge on lore and know a bit about mechanics so feel free to ask me questions in game!
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Looks like I never posted in this thread.
Hi, I play a few characters in game, however I main as Kakusha; joined this server on something like the 8th day of it opening, took a little break at some point, but now I'm online daily running the guild Celestial.
Even though I'm online daily, I tend to play fairly casually; I'm in no rush to get to the end-game. Just here living out my old MabiEU fantasies.
For live mabi, I played on Mari server, predominantly as my 10k Giant Carlonia; it'd be interesting to see if anyone remembers me...
Feel free to chat to me in-game, I'm on GMT so 5 hours ahead of server time.
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Hi, I'm Perias.

I've just joined this server after not having played Mabi for years... I'm pretty new, so I'd really appreciate any guidance I can get :'^)

I heard about this from the Mabinogi Reddit. '

IGN: Perias
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Hiya, I am Phiralis.

I still play on Alexina in the live server, but I wanted to also have fun in a private server. So I hope to have fun with people.
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Better late than never.
Honestly, I don't even remember how I found this private server. Don't regret it in any case, met some important people here, I guess.

Thanks to the lack of character cards, I play on my alt (this one!) these days.
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shoulda posted here but im bad at reading gg ez
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planning on beginning the game tonight -
it'll be my first time experiencing mabinogi;
I'm elated to see the server is located in NJ as I've been looking for a private server mmo on the east coast

I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and embarking on a new adventure.
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I am your favourite day, Tuesday.

Screw weekends because I am here.

I continue to play just to burn your precious items, that is right, I am a memechanter.

Everything turns to ashes in front of me, just like the Mabinogi Europe and Neet-xon.

My dream is to become the dankest elf on the server. No hate on the filthy elves pleaserino.

Hit me up if you like roasting an innocent elf, my body is ready for the burn.
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My IGN is Radiance. I like shiny things and good-hearted people.

Add me if you need a friend! Maybe we can do a party quest or run a dungeon / mission sometime.
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Hi!! I'm Phoney, the pronouns i go by is they/them. I've been a big fan of Mabinogi for years but I found myself getting in and out of it because of how PTW/complicated it can be. I found MabiPro because my friend told me maybe there was a private server finally made since the last time we tried looking-- and found this! I'm super excited to get started, my in-game name is Phoninskis.
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I'm temoraki, give me free stuff, kthx
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Hello everyone! Name is Chiisu and niceu to meet u.

I'm an old O L D player (good ol Open beta days) and got wind of this spot after trying mabi after years

Hope to see you guys in game now and then.

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Hi I am lost where is doomguy
Remember to rub your boners.
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Hello, I'm krispykat from Ruairi. Kinda got out of sync with mabi while I played FFXIV and I wanted a fresh start without having to make a new account so here I am! Nice to meet you, feel free to say hi if you see me in game!
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Hello people!

I'm sardine and was an old mabinogi player when they implemented the alchemy skills.
I quit it since Nexon likes the moneys. Since then I was searching for a private server FOR YEARS. Last week I found this gem.
Hope to see a friendly community!

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