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Nice to meet ya, istarted a couple days ago, you'll find its pretty easy to get started .
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I'm Miladanshi, I used to play on the Tarlach server (Same IGN) for about 8 years, on and off.
I had made lots of friends, lead a guild, and even found the love of my life on this game, though sadly a lot of my friends disappeared without a trace...
I heard about MabiPro in a forum thread about the new Mabinogi Mobile game coming soon, and I'd really like to experience the nostalgia of the game without all the ridiculous NX-spending!
Hopefully my hubby Chozo will play with me too.

Hope to meet all of you in-game!
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Hello, I am Folkan, in game. new to Mabinogi, so getting the hang of things. I had just created my character. Was also wondering if anyone had experience how to get the Dragon rider Pet?

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