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Have you ever looked up to the moon and always wonder what it's like to be on the moon?
Well, now every Milletian has a chance to experience that!

The General Shops has a new limited time product: the Seesaw Construction Kit.
Set it up outside and jump on the seesaw with you and a friend of yours
If you manage to reach up to 15m, you'll be able to jump so high you'll land on the moon!

Event Details:
  • Once you log in, you'll receive a quest. Talk to Duncan as he'll give you the event details. Head on to any General Shop to purchase a Seesaw Construction kit. Set it up outside with you and a friend of yours and reach up to 15m to land onto the moon. Talk to the Girl on the Moon NPC to complete the quest, giving you a Cow Robe and a title "who has jumped to the Moon" (DEX+5, Stamina+15)
  • This event will go on until the 14th of May

Don't fall on the moon.
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